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CONSOLIDATED MANAGEMENT REPORT 2014 Management Report of the Sennheiser Group ——— 1. Principles 1.1 Preliminary remarks Besides Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG, the Sennheiser Group consists of eight subsidiaries within Germany and 21 subsidiaries abroad, including the new subsidiary for Australia and New Zealand founded last year as well as the joint venture Sennheiser Communications A/S based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Sennheiser Streaming Technologies GmbH was launched in 2014, expanding the company’s core business with a center of excellence for developing innovative streaming solutions. Sennheiser built the Innovation Campus at its headquarters in Wedemark, establishing the audio industry’s largest modern center for innovation. The facility complex offers around 7,000 m² of space for multi-team projects working on developing and marketing cutting-edge audio solutions – optimal conditions for developing even more customer-centric innovations. This is evident not only architecturally, but also in a new way of working. Trailblazing ideas emerge in multi-discipline, international project teams which bring pioneering audio solutions every step of the way to our customers. The Group’s production sites are located in Wennebostel (Germany), Tullamore (Ireland) and Albuquerque (USA). While Wennebostel chiefly manufactures wireless and wired microphones and microphone capsules, monitoring systems, high-end headsets and amplifiers, and audio tour systems, the Sennheiser facility in ­Tullamore manu- factures headsets and headset transducers as well as speakers. The plant in Albuquerque concentrates on headphones as well as wireless microphones and monitoring systems. Some functions of product management, marketing, procurement – as well as part of development for the consumer electronics area – are located in Singapore. 08

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